Let’s shine with impact.


The COPIN AGENCY enhances your brand image through a responsible and sustainable communication strategy.

Let’s get involved in your communication together.

We are convinced that CSR communication is a long-term investment that enables companies to stand out from the crowd while contributing to a more sustainable world.

We’re at your side to help you achieve your objectives in terms of brand awareness, visibility and sales, or to build a solid relationship with your customers while highlighting your commitments.

Let’s build a strong, ethical brand image.

Do you know your company’s potential?

A company is not just an accounting result.

Your choices, your “little gestures”, your commitments within your company can have a considerable impact on people’s perception of your brand and your business.

That’s why it’s important to take the time to think about how you want to present yourself. Make sure your image is consistent with your values and objectives.

Our team of experts looks at you, listens to you, advises you and immerses itself in your world, to bring small projects and big ideas to fruition.

Do you value your commitments enough?

Together, we can make sure your company is perceived the way you want it to be. Stand out from the competition to attract and retain customers.

We activate the various communication levers to get your message across.

Consulting & Strategy

Business development is not something you can improvise. We determine clear objectives with precise targets to set up an action plan to boost your business, improve your reputation, sell a new product, etc….

Web design

We give your company the visibility it needs through the creation of a high-performance website. We make a point of creating intuitive navigations to facilitate the customer journey.

Image de marque

A “good” image is one that corresponds to you and your business. The Logo is the emblem of your company. Shapes, colors and typography are the vectors of meaning that we combine to create a powerful and unique identity for your company.


We amplify the reach of your communication with a digital strategy. We create engaging, hard-hitting and thoughtful content with a clear editorial line. We monitor your community’s progress to help you achieve your objectives.

Communication media

Each of your company’s communication media must be part of a whole. We’ll help you choose, create and produce them.


We design projects for indoor and outdoor signage. Enhancing the value of a site and its remarkable features requires specific signage, designed in a playful and educational way to offer your visitors a unique experience. Our customers range from public authorities to private companies.


Creation and optimization of your advertising campaigns on all media. We offer you innovative concepts that will enable you to effectively convey your messages, your sales promises… about your products or services to your targets.


Highlight your action with a special moment. We create innovative, remarkable and inspiring events.

Let your communication shine

Our commitments

Choosing the Copin agency also means supporting meaningful projects.

We have chosen to use part of our sales to help high-impact projects by supporting them in their communications.

Our commitments

Choosing the Copin agency also means supporting meaningful projects.

We have chosen to use part of our sales to help impact projects by supporting them in their communications.

What’s your project?

At the Copin agency, we understand that each company is at a different stage of maturity in the development of its business, as well as in its communications.
That’s why we help you determine your priorities.

Small businesses, SMEs, craftsmen, start-ups, groups or institutions, local or international,
we create the right solutions to achieve your goals.

Boost company growth.

Boost your growth through marketing and communication. We adopt a coaching approach based on attentive listening, collaboration and co-construction, in order to propel your company towards success.

We develop and execute a customized marketing strategy designed to reinforce your brand image, reach your target audience, and stimulate demand for your products or services.

Attract new customers and retain existing ones.

We understand the importance of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones to the success of your business.

That’s why we work closely with you to design an effective conquest plan that reflects your unique identity and attracts future customers.

By working together, we can improve the user experience and enhance your commercial appeal.

Develop a strong, consistent brand image.

If you spend a lot of time improving your processes, recruiting a strong team, improving the quality of your products or services, and getting involved, it would be a shame for this to go unnoticed.

This is where your company’s image and reputation come into play: by letting a wide audience know who you are, you increase your chances of reaching the right customer segment.

To promote your company, you need resources. By targeting your audience and establishing a clear strategy, we can help you build lasting brand awareness.

Renewing my identity

Give new life to your identity to enhance your brand image.

Your identity is constantly evolving and should not be limited to the trends of the moment.

The logo is the most visible part of your identity, reflecting your unique personality. But it’s not the only one. So are other identity codes: shapes, colors, your signature, typography and so on. They reinforce your identity and allow your brand to express itself more fully.

To help you renew your visual identity, whether for a creation, a redesign, an evolution, a repositioning or a graphic charter, we create original and agile visual solutions. We support you in the deployment and development of this identity across all communication media and actions, both in the real world and on the Internet.

We’ll work together to make your brand legible, visible and desirable.

Establish an engaging and interactive online presence.

Community management has become a decisive strategic issue, enabling us to intelligently influence and guide consumers. Adapted to all types of structures, activities and markets. It’s a way of speaking directly to your customers, conveying your story, your values and your commitments.

Establishing an engaging and interactive online presence helps you achieve your business objectives, strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with your users.

However, a simple presence is not enough to engage your community and convert your potential customers. You need to be active andhave a digital strategy in place.

We offer you a comprehensive support package that enables you to determine your objectives, methodology, implementation and follow-up.

Online sales

Online sales are now a discipline in their own right. It may sound simple, but it requires a global approach if we are to become successful. This means asking the right questions? The technique didn’t follow. It’s important to choose the solution with the features best suited to your needs, your business, your personas and therefore your company, in order to achieve your objectives.

Our web design expertise guarantees you a site that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, high-performing and sales-friendly.

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